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      I had another LD last night...... its starting to scare me

      Well maybe not scare me, but beforehand i only LD every couple months or so but now, two in a row, its kinda cool but freaky at the same time. This one wasnt anything big though.

      Ok, so im dreaming and im standing there having a conversation with one of my friends, its kind of sad and im getting depressed cuz it was something that had actually happened to me in real life, the convo and all. Well, im talking to her and suddenly i was like "I know what your going to say, we have had this conversation before"and thats when i realized i was dreaming, i remember her looking at me wierd but then it all started to fade away and i cant remember anything else.

      I think im way too excited right now and i prolly wont LD tonight, but still just thinking about that dream is getting me depressed. Its a long story about me and her, and i dont need to talk about it.

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      Hey, sad, but cool. I guess she was sad because you were losing lucidity!

      Congrats though! Next time a better one?
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