I remember 5 dreams from last night and 3 of them I was lucid in!

The first one I was lucid in I wasn't lucid til the end. A group of friends and people my age were raiding some dark, grimy, old castle with skills reminiscent of Final Fantasy. I think I was a wizard or something (how nerdy ). Anyway, I remember I looked into one room and there were monkeymen that were just jumping around and making noise. Now, I found this beyond hilarious and started laughing. Then, one of my friends jumped in front of me and said something funny.
At which point I said, "This is a dream."
Then everything started to fall apart. I tried to look at my hands but it felt like it was tied over my head.
And then I woke up.

The second one I don't remember how I became lucid but I was talking to a girl I used to like, and I remember saying "You know you're just a dream right?" We had some long conversation, and it never even occured to me to try flying or anything. Unfortunately, I don't remember what we talked about.

The third one I was in some flying structure high over a few mountains, and I was trying to prove to my brother who was there that it was in fact a dream he was in. First, I grabbed a random girl walking by and spun with her while thinking of the girl from the previous dream. I failed about 4 times and she came out looking very weird every time. So I just told my brother "Hm...I can't remember what she looks like" because I really couldn't at the time. Then I jumped off the structure and after some effort started flying fast before I hit the ground. I did some other things too.
I woke up to a FA, and I ran to find my brother but he was taking a shower. So I went into the kitchen and got some wine because I felt sick for some reason and thought I needed wine to cure it.

Then I woke up.

It was awesome. I remember thinking of doing the TTT (the telephone trick) that I read about on this forum while I was flying, but I said screw it.