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      The Rabbit Hole

      Tonight I had a dream so bizzare, that I think it's worthy of posting here

      It seemed to last for hours and hours.

      First thing I remember is me, riding a bicycle to a cemetery. But soon I

      find myself by the lake. The tranquility is overwhelming.

      I sit and meditate there for 4 hours. Dream tells me that I took some kind

      of hallucinogen before going there. As time passes, I realize I have

      another things to do.

      So I mount a bike and ride back. For some reason I achieve really great

      speed. I'm riding towards a sunset and look at the huge blazing orange

      sun just above horizon. It looks really great.

      Second later another thing catches my attention - there's a glittering

      white horse riding towards me just below the sun. Horse radiates light.

      "It cant be" I tell to myself and lose coordination. I fall from the bike into

      a ditch. "This is gonna hurt" flies in my head. Time slows down to a crawl

      as I find myself spinning and flying through the ditch at high speed,

      possibly breaking some ribs and bones.

      It seemed to last a very long time. Finally I stop and get up. My skin

      burns and I know I"m badly injured...

      I black out.

      "So, tell me what happened from the beginning" My father tells me.

      I explain him everything, having remarkable memory of the dream city

      and road and cemetery. I know it was a dream, and I analyze it. I clearly

      recall visions and dreams I had during my meditation.

      I also tell him I took drugs, but I never thought

      I'll be riding a bike while tripping.

      I black out and wake up in my bed. For some reason it's in the opposite

      corner of the room. "damn, it was just a dream". My first intentions are to

      visit bathroom, but I decide to perform a RC. "hey, why the clock is all

      blurry?" "let'me check my watch" "Wtf? why it's dark now?" "ah, it's day

      again" I went lucid for a while, but had another false awakening.

      I continue looking a clock, but see transparent grey being standing in the

      middle of the room. For a second, I'm shocked, then I try to look at the

      thing. But it's impossible. Thing is just too shifty.

      So I continue examining the clock and writing in my dream journal...

      Finally I wake up in reality...

      As always, having recalled a dream from within a dream cripples my real

      recall. I just lose detail, thinking it is written down. But still, the things I

      remember are outstanding...

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      I'm so jealous of you. You are an expert when it comes to lucidity. This is why I like to ask you questions directly through PM.

      Let me ask you.. are you a natural lucid dreamer? Meaning, do you take anything other than those B vitamins and stuff. Do you use a lucid dream device (like the one created by Stephen LaBerge)?

      Do tell...

      P.S. I had my second WILD last night. It was quick. I realized that I need to just enjoy being lucid instead of trying to exert my powers.


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      lol, I'm in no way an expert
      I'm not a natural lucid dreamer

      and no, only b vitamins once in a while

      but this dream was very special...


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