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    Thread: My best LD

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      My best LD

      For me, lucid dreams are a side-effect of frequent meditation; I get in the habit of attentively looking on the waking world for what it is, and that habit carries over into dreaming. Can't say I've been all that lucid, waking or dreaming, lately.

      Last fall, though, I was meditating often, and started "waking up" in dreams again. First thing, I would usually fly around a bit, but my technique was clumsy, a kind of airborne dog-paddle. I picked up an old case-studies book on lucid dreaming, and several subjects mentioned that their flying abilities improved over time, and one man described real superman-style cruising.

      My LDs lapsed for a while, but one restless early morning I found myself in a space that was neither my apartment nor my workplace, but a little of both. "Score-I'm dreaming!" I played with rearranging the room, talked to some dream-people, took some books off the shelf and looked at the gobbledy-gook printed within, and then I went outside.

      Remembering what I'd read about flying, I decided to skip levitation and just take off, and it worked! The dreamscape expanded geometrically below me; Picture a pack of animators frantically scratching-in scenery. I started out at airplane altitude, then dropped down to building level. Realism was gone at this point--parts of the landscape were highly detailed, while others had a crude CGI slickness, and the surfaces and positioning of buildings morphed randomly all around me. There were still limits; I remember seeing a woman on a balcony, and veering toward her, but I could only get so close.

      I've had a couple of low-lucidity dreams since then, but the above dream was my peak of control so far. I've tried to sit down and meditate in dreams, but as soon as I think of it I'm surrounded by temptations that siphon off my lucidity.

      Just thought I'd share with some like-minded peeps.
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      Welcome to DV! It's great to have another lucid dreamer wander in here!

      I get in the habit of attentively looking on the waking world for what it is, and that habit carries over into dreaming.[/b]
      That is the key. So simple and yet so profound!
      You have summed up in one sentence the fundamental truth about how to become lucid.
      you must be the change you wish to see in the world...


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