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      Second in 6 [email protected]!#&$^!

      This one sucked a bit, seeing as it was ultra short. Nevertheless, as compared to normal dreaming - to which I attribute to be the only purpose of sleeping at all - it DID own house.
      I work at a coffee shop. I was dreaming. THe coffee shop was in my house = INCONGRUENT. This, I believe, set the stage for a LD. Variosu weirdness happened in relation to the abovementioned, including our morning person who never showed up and the supplies we didn't have that we ALWAYS have. But that's beside the point.

      This followed into another scene where I was sitting in the backseat of a sedan with gray leather seats. I was talking with a girl I know in the real world about some random nonsense when I said to her, "You know, that's all fine, but do you realize you're dreaming?"
      "What?" she says.
      "You're dreaming", says I.
      "What do you mean?" she asks
      "You're dreaming right now." says I twice.

      Funny thing happened then, BAM! LD! I realized I was dreaming after I told a dream person that SHE was dreaming, and BAM!
      Sad thing is, I got WAYYY too excited. I remember paying very close attention to the texture of the leather in the seats of the car we were in (she had disappeared by this time). All the structures of the dream world were there, along with that brand-new Disney feeling. The excitement killed it, which led me into a bit of a frenzy as to what I should do to preserve the dream. I was about to attempt the spinning technique when large parts of the dreamscape began to break off into blackness. I tried to spin and, what happened? I woke up kicking my feet around!

      It was short, yes, but oh so sweet!!!!

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      I never cease to be amazed at how "real" these things are! Congrats!

      I have noticed that there is sometimes a shift like you spoke of when I realize I am lucid. I will often be with people and whammo, as soon as I get lucid, they will either disappear to change.

      I wonder how common this is. Anyone else notice this as well?
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