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    Thread: 4th LD..o.o....

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      4th LD..o.o....

      I had the most vivid LD last night that I've had. It wasn't really vivid to most people., but I don't have that vivid of dreams. I because lucid by a electrical thing not working and I was wait..Lemme do a RC...So I went up to a wall and I closed my eyes and thought "My hand can go through the wall. The wall is liquid" And My hand went throught it. I felt a tingly sensation. When I opened my eyes I saw my hand in the wall then the scenery changed to outside on a island type place (I was on a beach, I could feel the sun, also...xD..). I tried to fly by just thinking about it and I flew! I couldn't feel wind, though.I did some stuff that I don't remember because this was a really long dream. I then tried to make engery come out of my hansd and the first thing I could think of was to yell Kamehameha (I used to like Dragon ball Z ... ) and What came out of my hands was a static engery type thing that felt like painless electricty. I think I went inside (There was like this big castle in the middle of the island) and I saw a weird looking demon type thing....I think I went into a room and there were the people from the show charamed and I started zaping them with the electricty (XD) and I'm pretty sure that I went to another dream and lost lucidness..xD..But the odd thing is that the Electric power and the flying were soemthing I could do in the next dream, not lucid!

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      in your mom!!!!!! oh!!!!!
      sweet... i wish i could fly though... i try and i try but i cant seem to do it...but the dream sounds sooooooo cool!! i wish i had it! grr... lol "mommy, i wanna fly, why cant i shoot electric beams out of my hand, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW!" LOL
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