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      Thinking my way out of a dream

      well i wouldnt call it a nightmare but i would just say it was a bad situation

      normal dream part

      i said something to this girl/ hit her then the whole school was chasing me
      then i remembered how when trying to wild you can do math problems to keep your logic going and keep awareness , so i said to myself 2+2= 4 then i saw a lady bring out this red haired baby that was scary for some reason and new that it would be bad if she caught me so then i told myself that if i jumped through the under side of these stairs i would wake up

      and i did wake up

      so i think i was borderline of getting to a lucid stage with my method of waking up

      ive been able to (mainly as a kid) shake my physical body or my head and wake myself up to get out of bad dreams and nightmares

      can anyone else do something similar?

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      I remember that when I was a kid, all my little friends and I would discuss a technique of blinking a few times to get out of a dream. For some reason it doesn't sound like it would work now, but it worked for me sometimes as a kid. Other times it would just change the scenery.

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      That's exactly how I started to be able to LD. I started having nightmares, then would blink to wake up. But then, instead of blinking, I'd just stay in the dream a little longer, and since I knew it wasn't real and I could wake up any time I wanted, it didn't seem that bad anymore. Then, I'd try to do something before waking up, like climbing a wall or looking at a watch and making the second hand go backwards.

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      ive been able to (mainly as a kid) shake my physical body or my head and wake myself up to get out of bad dreams and nightmares[/b]
      The shaking physical body, did this as a kid and now i cant control it, like i wake myself up rocking my body-weird thing is it is a peacefull feeling and my thinking when i wake up in the state is near dreamlike-solving problems ect.
      Another weird thing is i dont do it when im sleeping near other people, seems to mainly happen at home.
      still i wish it would stop because im sure its not good for my sleep.


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