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      Losing lucidity...not any more, read here

      We all have them, after all that hard work, all of your reality checks, you finally become lucid. Your looking around and you decide to try a few things out. Mabye you try flying, going through a mirror, who knows anything is possible. Your amazed that once again you're awake inside a dreamworld. Then the next thing you know you sit up in bed and are speechless, exept for two words, "Damn it". You lost lucidity again. Out of my expereinces i am trying to come up with a list/ explanation so please post your thoughts here.

      Just like everyone else I have lost lucidity inside lucid dreams several times, sometimes lucky enough to recover my lucidity, sometimes not. In my first one I didn't lose being lucid because i kept reminding myself constantly that i was dreaming. I find the best way to understand somthing your self is to teach it. I was telling my friends about how im dreaming, and i proved it to them(all in the dream of course) and reminded myself when ever i saw something strange that i was dreaming and could laugh about it. But this isn't the case in some of my other dreams.

      I find that reminding myself that I am dreaming works well with lucid dreams. I have found in several of these dreams that something has tried to trick me out of being lucid. In the first one i was told i had to fight aliens, and just about lost my lucidity but then remembered to say outloud that i was dreaming, then i did my own thing.

      I also find that in DILD's i am more likely to lose lucidity and not get it back than in WILD's. I think that during a WILD you are much more conciously aware than in DILD's.

      I also found that consentrating on somthing too much can cause loss of lucidity as well. Concentrate more on the fact that you are dreaming and can do anything, instead of concentrating on a particular thing, remember, you are in a dream and can do anything, so go do what ever you want.

      Reminding your self that you are dreaming is probably the most important. I remember one lucid dream that was so vivid that i walked everywhere instead of flying, because i didn't remind myself i was dreaming.

      Feel free to add on, this is only from my expereinces and it would be good to have more on here. If you remember at any point in your dream losing lucidity post how or why here. Thanks

      (note: this is based on my expereinces and will probably not be the same for everyone else)
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      I am flying about 90% of the time in my lucid dreams. Flying is the one thing so far that reminds me EVERY MOMENT that I am dreaming. I am trying to train myself to have other reminders that work just as well.
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