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      What A Messed Up Lucid.

      Ok i just read up on lucid dreams, when i found out what they were I knew i already had them. In fact almost every one I have is lucid. Strange I didn't know what they were called. Well before you know it I got thinking of dreams i had. This one is kinda weird so i thought I would share it with you!

      It all starts off when I was going to my friend James house. I rode my bike all the way there and he came out side. I noticed in the 30 seconds of him commingout it magically turned to night and we were ina feild. ( Thats wheni said wait a minute like every dream I have ) So we were in this feild and an old fashiond house was there. I then asked James if he wanted to go take a look inside becaseu i knew nothing could happen to me. So we whent inside the house to find 3 tall 7 foot green aleins standing there waiting for us. I said hey what are you guys doing out here. And the tallest one in the misddle said waiting for you and your friend. Just then the ground felt kinda funny, so I ran to the window to see the feild was getting smaller and smaller. I realized that the house turned into a ship and we where taking off. At this point i was kinda freaked, and i was like no F***ing way, I made the house land back in the feild and changed thefeild to a street i once lived on. Then the Aliens kinda looked at me funny. I said why are you all laughing like that. And three of my old girlfriends undressed out of thealiend costumes and said suprise. I was shocked. I was magically in the middle of a party with 1000 people I didn't know. Then when i looked behind me there was like 10 Fridges. I opened each fridge and in each one was a single apple pie.
      At this point I woke up due to a phone ringing. But it was weird, i didn't knwo that controlling your dreams was not normal. I have always been able to do it scence i was a kid. And because ofthis I am joining your boards.
      What do you guys think odf that dream? Pretty messed up?
      I think im lost!!!....

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      wow what a coocoo dream lol, i just wanna say that you are extreeemely luky being able to control your dreams before you read about ludicity, btw i bet it was a little weird sein ur friend the next day, one time i had a dream where my friend betrayed me, for some reason i couldnt get it out of my head he was a traitor so i ended up pissed at him for weeks
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