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      Lucid Again & Successful Spinning

      I slept about 2 hours on tues. night, 4 hours on wed, and no hours on thurs, so I was exhausted fri when I got home from work. I had a sandwich and half a beer, and took a sublingual lozenge of 5mg melatonin and 10mg B6 before going to bed around 6pm.

      I woke up around 3am, and remembered a non-lucid dream. I forced myself out of bed until 4am, then took another melatonin/B6 and went back to sleep.

      In the next dream I had I was in the house where I grew up. One of my childhood friends, M. was there. He is two years older than me and really tall (he is now 6'4). For some reason he was going to try to spin me (airplane style), so we were standing on the lawn with both hands locked together. I thought, 'I should try to spin HIM, if I could do that I would be dreaming.' So I started to twirl around and M. floated right up into the air. It was so easy to do and I was instantly lucid. M. actually floated right up into the air when I let go of his hands and disapeared from the dream.

      Almost as soon as I became lucid the dream fell apart. I remember trying to focus on something in the dream world to stabalize myself but everything disapeared bit by bit and I had nothing to hold onto. I thought of looking at my hands, but I could not see them. Everything went black, except for a little blob of color that started out big and was diminishing moment by moment as I watched. For a second I felt that I was not even asleep, just laying with my eyes closed. Then I remembered to spin -- as I thought of spinning I concentrated all my energy on that last little blob of color. The blob stopped shrinking and became more solid. Oddly it was sort of staying stationary relative to me as I spun. Since everything else was black, I really could not SEE that I was spinning, so I started to pay attention to the FEELING of spinning instead, and suddenly the feeling became very strong. I almost felt as if I was floating weightless as I spun, but the disturbance to my equilibrium seemed very very real. And then that little blob of color started to come closer to me, getting bigger and bigger until it covered my whole vision and then POOF I was right back in the dream and still ludid! : )

      I was back in my old house again, upstairs in my bedroom. There were alot of people in the house for some reason, all kind of moving around. It was like a boarding house or a hotel. It was noisy and distracting. I have a few ideas of things I want to try while dreaming, so I closed and locked my door so all the people milling around would not disturb me. : ) I tried to summon something, by intention, and instead the dream started to fall apart on me again. This time I started spinning while there was still alot of visual stability, and again I very clearly felt myself spinning. The dream became solid again, but I kept spinning, this time willing for the object I wanted to summon to be there when I stopped spinning. When I stopped spinning the thing was there -- not exactly as I had hoped but essentially right. I was trying to actually will the final details into place, but the effect was that it became more and more vague and then just disapeared, leaving the rest of the dream in place and solid as can be. Arg!

      Someone turned up at the door and I answered it, and lost my lucidity about 5 minutes before I finally woke up. : )

      I feel pretty good about all that. That was only my second lucid dream, and I stayed lucid for a long time in this one, although it was alot of effort. I think I spent about 70% of my total lucid time just spinning like crazy to keep from waking. However, this is a huge improvement over my first lucid dream, so I am looking forward to more progress. Also its only been about a week since my last lucid dream, so that is an improvement in frequency as well.

      My last lucid dream was also on a night when I was very tired and slept over 12 hours. Both times though, I have become lucid without using the RC that I am practicing while awake. Should I be concerned about the fact that my RC is not being carried into dreams? Does it matter that the cue that makes me lucid seems to be accidental, or arbitrary?


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      Hey I've only had 5, and with each one they get drastically better and longer 8)
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