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      Concentrating on the Self

      When I concentrated on myself...

      Hi, I finally had a lucid dream after a pretty lengthy dry spell. It was pretty low level lucidity, but I had a significant amount of consciousness intact. I notice I was just roaming about the dreamscape with rather supernatural modes of transportation...and at some points, I figured I was dreaming. The moment I began questioning about where my real body is (on my bed at home) I began to lose focus of the dream, and it was fading away. I quickly abandoned focusing on my waking life and returned to the dream's events, and then I could maintain the dream state.

      Has this happened with other people?
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      definately. If I dont get invovled in my dream scenery I wake up or it faders. Actually, when I try to wake from a dream(which I dont do anymore) thats all I do. Think about my body, and Im back
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      That is something that I have been talking about for quite some time. In my opinion this is how it works:

      Spinning, rubbing hands, grabbing on to things, etc. work because you are holding on to sensations that are in your head and therefore kind of embracing it all. That is why you come back, cause they hold you in that reality. The same happens when you are trying to WILD. If you are too aware of your body you will never enter a WILD, cause you are focusing on the real world instead of on what is going on in your mind. That is the objective of a WILD, in fact, to become absorbed by what is going on in your mind, to the point where you forget what happens in the waking world...
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