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      First NON-thwarg lucid dream in months!

      Merh! I so happy!!!!!!!

      Anyhow, Lately I've been playing the classic megaman X games for Snes!(Woot! Zero Rocks!) SO I decided to take on the persona of a Maverick Hunter Reploid and this was my journey.

      As the hazy scenery slowly comes into focus, I find myself standing atop a Skyscraper, about 80 stories up. I morphed into my Zero armor. Drew my beam saber and dashed off the building, Hopping from skyscraper to skyscraper. (for those of you who are/were to "cool" to play the Megaman X series, Zero is my avatar.) With a few concentrated thought, X, zero's best friend joined me, Together we plumeted to the street, THUD!!!! Leaving crushed cement where we landed, We set out to rid the world of evil. But in this case evil has a name, Sigma! As expected Sigma comes barreling around the corner, Fully decked out in his new killing techniques and stuff.I charge my beam saber, Dash forward and leap into the air, POOF!!!!!! ................Whiteness...................

      Dream over,

      but the weird part is, It all seemed like I was playing the game, Like I'd feel the jump button being pushed right when I jump..........

      Hmmm maybe I hsould lay off the console gaimg for awhile eh?
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