In November of last year I was having a dream that wasn't out of the ordinary for me, I was in a saloon somewhere in the old west,
there was nothing modern, nothing out of place, save for a few drunk and rude sheriffs. I was sitting at the bar when I heard a car pull up.
I looked out the window behind the bartender and saw a navy blue Cadillac had pulled up, everyone looked as though they knew something
that I didn't, and they began to panic. Out of the car stepped several people dressed head to toe in black, all with large guns at their sides.
They proceeded to enter the saloon and shoot everyone in it. Then one man (from what I gather he was the alpha male) grabbed my hand and told me we needed to leave right then. They put me in the car and the next thing I know I was on some sort of cruise ship. Right away I thought I recognized the other passengers but I couldn't decide where from. They were all very strange looking...and that is when I noticed they all had name-tags, but instead of names, the had dates, and that is when I realized where I knew them from...while walking down the halls of the ship I saw a big orange blob, oozing down the halls, the tag said "1997", when I was about 6 years old I had a dream that I was in the bathroom with my mother while she was showering, when what I then described as "pizza goo" emerged from the drain, wrapped around my mother and disappeared the same way it appeared..
the dates(not that I remember the exact date) seemed to match up. After that, I started recognizing more and more of these characters.. every one I had dreamed up. Then one of the people dressed in black from the saloon approached me and said that he knew I understood who these people where and that he had something else, something more valuable to show me. He took me to the window and opened the blinds. Where the ocean and sky once was, there was now a never ending black galaxy filled with millions upon millions of purple orbs. He explained to me that everyone's sub-conscious mind was a physical object in another dimension (the one we were viewing) and as we got closer I saw that these orbs where massive, the size of earth perhaps. And the closer we got the more I noticed about the orbs, they each had billions of layers. The man told me that the layers were all possibilities in our minds, and that each layer makes up a different dream. I noticed that the orbs were constantly passing through each other, and asked him if it was dangerous, he said no, and that without this interaction, except for inhuman characters(much like the ones on the ship) our dreams would be completely empty. When orbs pass through each other, if they are on the same layer your sub-conscious mind is interacting with another sub-conscious mind... he explained that since your family and other people you know are a part of your sub conscious mind, they are more of filler characters, much like the ones on this ship, they are something that is a part of the layers, as apposed to a visitor. He talked with me about the orbs for a while and then the rest of the people in black came and blindfolded me. When they removed the blindfold I was in the middle of what looked like a refugee camp in a rain forest, there were hundreds and hundreds of tents, caravans and open fires. In the background you could hear what sounded like klezmer music... no one explained to me exactly what was going on. I did, however, pick up that they were not supposed to be telling me the things they did, they were some sort of organization rebelling against a higher power, trying to educate people about the sub-conscious mind, what was really happening. They explained to me that because of my lucid dreaming and being able to be responsible for myself, and engage in a real conversation they were able to see me tonight, and that they would tell me more as soon as they could, but that it was no longer safe, they said they didn't know when they would be able to contact me again, but that they would. They walked me to the edge of the forest and there was an escalator going down to a white airport. I went down without any good-bye's and opened the airport doors. I was blinded by a flood of white light and woke up immediately.
Without sounding crazy, I'm still waiting for them to re-visit me, and sometimes I worry that something might have happened to them.