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      Trance State Transitions to WILD

      I've been having regular WILDS with most afternoon naps. I will slowly fade from full consciousness and perception to a trance-like lucid state. The transition is usually accompanied by vibrations and visions. The strange thing is, while I am lucid I still perceive external auditory stimuli. Voices, ambient noise, etc.

      I recently took a standardized test in a large college auditorium. The test left me with over an hour of free time in which I was not allowed to read, talk, or do anything to pacify my mind. I utilized this opportunity to take a quick nap. I transitioned, vibrations and all, into a lucid state. I was still, however, able to hear every cough in the room, along with the air conditioning system, pencil scratches, etc. After about 15 minutes, the proctors called a stretch break. I heard this free of distortion, as if I was awake. Considering how I wanted to stretch, I woke myself seamlessly. Of all the Lucid dreams I have, these dominate. It is a very strange experience, akin to the most powerful psychedelics I have sampled.

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      What you're experiencing, I believe, is the transition to an out of body experience. The vibrations are a tool used by those that can regularly enter OB state. It's also a signal that your etheric form is getting ready to leave the physical. Often lucid dreams are just this.

      Check out Robert Monroe's book "Journey's out of the body". There are a lot of people who have been successful with his technique and written their own books.


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