I recently found this page using the StumbleUpon addon for firefox. I was never aware of LD or the fact that so many people experience it or have some kind of connection to it. As soon as I read the definition of a Lucid Dream I knew that I had a natural knack for it. I have had a few LD's in my past and never knew there was anything special about it. I have been pretty excited since reading many of the tutorials and posts on the website and can't await my first "aware" LD.

One of my past experiences:
Please leave me comments as I am not sure what all I experienced.

I was dreaming and it was in the first person view. I looked down into my bed and I was sleeping there. The view or camara angle moved upwards and a mirror was on my wall. When the view met the mirror I could see myself standing there looking into the mirror and I could look down and see myself lying on the bed. I felt what can be described as being ripped into two. Like my conscious was in two places at once. Then I awoke in what I would think to be SP and felt a strange pressence in the room with me. I lied there for about 5 minutes before falling back to sleep.

Upon looking back at this, i think that my seeing two me's in the dream caused me to do an unconscious reality check upon which I became Lucid. Being confused I dont think I could remain Lucid and my mind woke. This could be plausible seeing as how SP is the waking of the mind without the body. IDK!? lol i need feedback.

Anyone had any similar experiences?