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      Talking First lucid in about two years :)

      (This is somewhat directed at Abra, because I'm too lazy to send a PM)

      I had my first lucid since I left the site last night. It's been about two years. I wasn't really trying, I merely thought about it for a few minutes in bed before resuming my natural thought process.

      The dream:

      I 'woke up', and sat up in bed. In my mom's bedroom, I could hear loud noises, and 'see' flashes of light (that reminded me of a video I saw about a lightning flash). When I remembered that, somehow I just knew I was in a lucid - because those sounds couldn't be real. I was about to jump out of bed, but then I got scared because the room was dark. I didn't want to accidentally conjure a nightmare. So, I closed my eyes tight, and thought "Lights on, lights on."

      When I opened my eyes, the lights were on. I got out of bed and stood in the middle of my room. It was clean, instead of the usual mess it is. I looked at myself in the mirror - I was wearing jeans and some sort of t-shirt. At this point I got the 'great' idea to start modifying my own body. I closed my eyes and thought "boobs, get bigger"...and I could just feel them growing, getting heavier. They looked kinda lopsided and sticking up, but it was a really cool feeling. I went to open my bedroom door, but I had my qualms about the darkness, so I walked over to my window.

      The curtains had been drawn back. I put my hands in front of me and 'grasped' something very heavy, in the middle of the air. I 'pulled' the sun up from behind the house, and the scene in front of me became brighter. I could see outside now - my friend Matt was talking to one of his friends, Craig, who was on the roof. I tapped on the window to Matt. He looked over and waved to me, so I put my mouth real close to the window, and shouted "You are in a lucid dream!" At first he appeared shocked; his body flickered and disappeared. I walked towards the door to go outside.

      My lucidity started fading almost immediately. I dreamt that the phone was ringing. My mom got out of bed to answer it. It was Matt, saying he'd just been woken up by me in the dream. At the time I was like "woah, it must have been a shared dream!", but I decided I'd call him when the lucid was over, so I went back to sleep.

      I went back into continuing the lucid dream, through a regular dream. Outside, Matt and Craig were still talking. Craig made the sun go backwards, back down behind the house, but I 'pulled' it up over the pool.

      A few hours after that dream, I dreamt I was on stage with a bunch of people and apparently remembered me making my boobs grow. I was the shortest, and the only girl out of everyone. First I made myself taller, then I made myself a guy. I walked off stage on the end of the line.

      That was all. The lucid felt more like a dream than a lucid, but I remember the sounds and the feeling of 'growing', and pulling the sun up from the horizon. It was super cool.
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      Quote Originally Posted by hyperangel13 View Post
      (This is somewhat directed at Abra, because I'm too lazy to send a PM)
      Well I hope Abra sees this.

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      Wow congrats on your lucid dream.


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