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      new and wondering how to LD

      the first LD i think i had came last week. my dog died 2 weeks ago and i had a dream about 5 days ago about being home (i am in college) and being with my family and him. i was not LDing at this point but i saw him and i could feel him and then everything went black i felt half awake. i kept my eyes shut and Thought of my living room and in a flash i was there and controlling myself i was in my house my dog was there my parents and some friends from school. i acted, tho, like it was just another day not really surprised that my dog was there like last time but i kept asking my friend what time it was in the real world and he kept saying idk let me call brian but i was able to walk around where ever i wanted but i didnt feel in total control then my father asked to talk to me with my mom and he brought me in a room that we dont have and i couldnt see his face or understand him and then i woke up

      the second dream i was on the beach and there was a little hut selling drinks but no one was behind the counter and i go tthe drink walked on the beach with my aunt. then i sat down by myself and out of nowhere i thought this isant real. i thought about flying so i did sort of a belly flop but stayed in the air but i then just went straight up and went through a celling and i woke up.

      how do i go back to these dreams or make new one or any any case how to i LD in a dream?

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      I am so sorry about the loss of your dog.

      You may want to check out the Tutorials forum which contains information on the various lucid dreaming techniques and other helpful information: http://www.dreamviews.com/community/...splay.php?f=25.


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