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      Well, having lots of lucids latelly but...

      Cant remember my dreams, only small fragments. ...

      Since I got forbidden to go to the internet and to my computer (cause my grades were going downhill), I am having interesting dreams and I LD almost every week at least twice a week...
      The last LD I had was about me going to my Gmothers house and then I got in the wrong house and there was my Gmother there, but it wansnt her, it was some other Dream Character, and an evil one, the DC possessed my body and I couldnt move neither fight back on my own LD , I wake up almost instantly with my first case of SP... there was the reason!
      Well, I think this thread is a waste of space, but lol, after so many time I got access to the internet, I had to tell this to the community.

      I dont even try to LD. I just go to sleep and BAM!, I dont use any technique... Am I some sort of unlocked Natural??? Well, the problem is not remembering my dreams...

      Well, my English has seen better days, bye people!
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      You might want to try some of the techniques to help your dream recall - like keeping a dream journal. By focusing on trying to remember your dreams, your brain starts to think that they are "important information" and you will be more likely to remember them.

      Also, I too have problems with control in LDs if it is a scary or stressful situation. Since confidence is what allows you to do anything in dreams, fear can be a major hinderance.

      If you are new to LDs - eventually they won't be so much of a shock to you and you will gain more control and last longer simply because you won't have such an extreme emotional response to the situation.


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