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    Thread: First WILD?

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      First WILD?

      How about this for a first WILD?
      Been reading up on some of the different techniques so thought I would give it a try. I can easily go from wake to dreaming especially if I have a quick power nap during the day.

      This week I had some early-ish nights and was waking naturally around 3.00am. Perfect opportunity to try it out. For first two nights after numerous attempts would get into dream state but could not get lucid.

      On the third night after 3rd or 4th attempt- Drifted off into dream state to find myself lying on the floor of a strange room head inside a cupboard, holding a piece of thin blue electrical wire in both hands. Realised that I am in dream and focus all my will on holding onto wire as connection to dream state. Go through a real mental battle but eventually dream wins out and am now lucid. Decide to experiment by flying around room eventually going faster and faster, then imagine I am encountering planets, each planet representing a fairy tale. (a bit like story ‘the little prince’). Then for the hell of it decide to flip over and fly upside down. Going round at absolutely incredible speeds with no danger. (still inside a room). Eventually wake up with an incredible feeling of wellbeing, every pore in my body enjoying the rushing sensation of recent flight. Big smile on my face. Feeling continues into the day. Incredible.

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      Congratulations man! I'm jealous, been workin on WILD all Spring Break (well, most) and I've had nothing. I completely know what you mean about the feeling when you wake up though, that reminds me of my first LD and how excited I was upon waking. Too bad I never gte very excited after an LD anymore, or not as excited as usual anyways. But yeah, it's a great feeling. Feels like you are experiencing the world for the first time and everything is awesome!

      Anyways, congrats, hope you have more soon!!

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      Wow, that sounds great. Congrats!


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