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      I think this was a dream about being lucid, not a lucid dream.

      So i'm not exactly sure what went on last night in my dream. I think I dreamed about having a lucid dream, but was partially lucid....

      I woke up in my bed at my dad's house and the second I woke up I thought to myself, sweet i'm going to have a lucid dream right now. I got out of bed and rubbed my hands together (when i looked at them they were a little blurry) and so i decided I was going to fly out the window like I read in a lot of dj's. The only problem is my windows have screens on them so I thought, well I should just try floating a little bit. It was really weird, I could float a little but felt really heavy. I tried floating horizontally on my floor but was scared to do it ( i think this is why i couldn't) and i'd lose balance and have to put a finger on the ground. I remembered that I had a broken part in the screen and so I decided I'd go out through that part. When I opened the window and got half way out (the window was much smaller than normal) I went back in because there was crazy amounts of wind outside. Then when I got back inside an ambulance flew at the window and hit it. I remember thinking of trying to teleport but not really knowing how so I tried instant transmission.. didn't work. then I tried closing my eyes and opening them to be in another place, didn't work. I also remember thinking, well I should go on dreamviews, i bet nobody does that when they're lucid. Then my mom came into my room (in real life) and put a blanket on me. It woke me up.

      So i'm not sure if this was a lucid dream or a dream about being lucid.. can someone help me figure that out. If it was a lucid dream I think my biggest problem in them is fear of waking up

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      It was a dream about being lucid in wich you were partially lucid, perhaps because you were thinking about lucid dreaming.

      And i love you avatar.
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      Currently, in my last dream journal post, I think i experienced something exactly like this... I accomplished the Advanced task of the month, but I don't think it counts...


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