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      With practice the lucid dreaming became to me like a second nature. I no longer do reality checks, I no longer even desire to become lucid. It comes by itself. A growth of awareness, as it were.

      What is interesting is that this night's dream found me walking the same path I took in a lucid dream I've had about a year ago. But when the last years dream had the street in my home town - a town I've left long ago - teeming with blooming plant-life, this one had it dead and empty. The island of green from the previous year's dream was equally barren; neither flowers nor leaves grew on the bare branches. Mindful of the fact that I am dreaming I've recalled the last years lucid sojourn and compared its blooming landscape with the one that confronted me now. I continued to walk down the street, with intent to change the desolate mood. I willed the dream to become brighter and almost succeeded - a few rays of sunlight beamed down from the clouded sky.

      To those who are interested, here's the link to the previous year's dream:

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