Hey again =]
Last night I had my first WILD! I say WILD, I just think it was a first step into the concept of how they work.

It went as usual, completely relaxed and I hadn't moved a single thing for what must have been almost an hour, and I had my own thoughts in my head, musing upon them, until I noticed that I had been having these visions for quite a while!

Haha, so I started to concentrate on them, and it was like my vision was panning around an old-style arabian town or something like that, if you've ever seen the film Riddick, it was like that sort of desert town. But then eventually it started getting closer and closer, and I was like as myself in a first person view of a castle. (Intentionally) I leant forward and put my pinky through a window of the castle and a giant tongue rolled out of a large double door at the entrance. Then it all turned into like a kind of skull face made of stone and the tongue went up and through the eye of it then it came out the nostril as a flourishing hemp plant and just spread everywhere, then the whole dream was sort of covered with these bushes of hemp spread everywhere.

I know you might just say it was a dream but I know for sure that I controlled a good majority of it, and I knew I was dreaming too, and I knew I could control it, but I was just so shocked I had managed to get a lucid dream LOL so I just lay watching what my mind was making hahahaha

What I find quite interesting and also slightly annoying, was that this was one of the few times that I was not trying with effort to get a lucid dream
I was so tired, I just lay down and didn't move cause I've noticed that it's just second nature now to go through a sort of WILD routine- I've been trying for so long

So can anyone tell me whether it is or not?
Share with us your first ones?