At last! some progress I should preface this by saying it wasn't my first lucid experience. I had one a few years ago which was so wonderful I'll never forget it. I was flying over my old neighborhood, soaring and zooming about at will. As I flew around I got that feeling in my stomach you get on a roller coaster or an elevator. Wow it felt so good!
Now last night I found myself in a car with a stranger driving, I was in the passenger seat and I looked out and saw we were on an elevated highway, with no guardrail! The drop looked to be several hundred feet down. As he swerved back and forth I was afraid we'd go sailing off the edge. Suddenly I was thrown out and felt myself falling. I braced for the impact knowing it would kill me. After 5 seconds or so I realized it was a dream, and I landed softly!
I remembered reading on this board tips for flying, and I used them. I started running then jumped in the air and began to fly! I didn't get very high, but I did it! It amazed me I remembered. It didn't last very long and I wasn't lucid throughout the dream but it was progress. I woke up and wrote down all the details which I'll put in my dream journal. I'm so happy today I did it!