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      This Scared Me...

      I had a lucid dream last night and there was one part that freaked me out. It freaked me out to the point where I closed my eyes and curled up... The dream started when I was in this unknown place... For some reason I became lucid and it happened literally when I entered the dream... I didn't do a WILD but I realized that I was in a lucid dream so quickly, that I wasn't sure if it was a WILD or not... I was in the lucid dream looking around and I ended up in a room... There was a window at the end of the room... My intention wasn't to fly but I really wanted to jump out of a window... So I jumped out of the window and then I started to fly... When I was flying, I didn't know what I wanted to do with the dream... I was thinking that maybe I would play The White Stripes in front of the entire world... I saw this white object on the ground which stood out even though the ground was also white... I tried to make it disappear but I wasn't able to... After I wasn't able to, I started to fly out into space and this part really freaked me out... I felt like I was going to the sun and the idea of that really freaked me out... I also didn't want to go into a black hole... I shut my eyes and curled up and then I didn't remember anymore of the dream... I could tell that I didn't immediately wake up after the lucid dream...

      What a waste...

      *Jumping out of a window gives me such a big adrenaline rush...

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      First of all I want to say you're lucky you can fly that easily

      Second, it sounds like it could mean something. My recommendation is next time you get fears in your dreams, just stop and realize that nothing in your dreams can hurt you, no matter how real it seems. You are the boss of your mind - let it know that. It's a confidence thing. If you believe you can do something, you can. But if you don't believe you can, you're almost certainly right.

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