Current Dream Experience:

I haven't actively done any dream exercises (writing down dreams, changing sleep schedules, pre-sleep affirmation) except for very deep meditation/trances which I do somewhat often for the euphoric effect I get from them. Recently, I've had about an average of 3 lucid dreams a week with the lucid trigger being realizing that it feels like a dream towards a time when it's lacking in power.

My Lucid Experience:

This recent nap I've taken, I had a rather long lucid experience which started in the middle/end of a dream. Upon becoming lucid, I began the technique of picking something up and studying it, which made my lucidity increase dramatically, as always. It didn't stay this way though, my eyes blurred up and I lost the dream scene quickly.

After this, I fell into sleep paralysis, no scene around it, just my presence. I panicked for a couple of minutes, but then relaxed very deeply and that took me into another dream scene.

Now this new scene started out somewhat fuzzy already and I began the same technique I tried previously, but this time, after getting some lucidity, my eyes acted like when I had contacts in them before. They burned a bit and made my eyes blur and I fought it for a while, knowing it wasn't real, but eventually I lost and returned to the sleep paralysis.

This time I just went straight into relaxing and once again created a new dream scene. This time, one that was a false awakening, but I never even considered myself awake, I was still lucid. I tried the same trick AGAIN, becoming annoyed and this time my dream attempted to become black from darkness rather then blur my vision. I summoned a car's headlights, I added lights in my house that dont exist and tried to turn them on full volume. One way or another, my dream manipulated them to fade out and make the house darker and darker. Eventually it won, and once again I was back into sleep paralysis.

In the same pattern, I let myself fade down, but this time the scene became very odd, I pictured what I believe was a non ending (my vision wasn't changeable, but it didn't have any boundaries) vision of infinity. Objects/spirits, which I can't explain what they looked like, hovered all at an equal space from each other and I began to feel a slowly rising rush, the sort of rush you'd feel on a roller coaster. I began to panic once again as it all become too much for me and I jumped awake.


I used techniques that always have worked for me to increase lucidity, and my dreams forced me back into sleep paralysis with darkness and blurred vision. This occurred several times before having a rather odd dream which made me wake myself up.


1. How can I conquer my dream's persistent attacks on my lucidity?

2. Why would my dream fight my lucidity like this?

3. Has anyone else had any odd dreams where they saw something like my final dream?