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      Another Lucid, flying through the sky :)

      Last night, I had an incredibly long dream. Once I woke up from it, it was probably 6 o clock in the morning. I noticed the T.V. was on, so I turned it off. I dozed back off to sleep...

      The dream started off that my parents dropped me off at a building across the street from a Chinese restaurant. I was given a tricycle, and I was told to ride down the street and go get our order.

      I was then on the tricycle riding to a Chinese restaurant during the night to go get dinner for the family. How weird is that? Once I got there, my Mom teleported over there. She told me my dad was drunk and smoking, and that we'd have to wait for him. So, I rode the tricycle around the street. When I got back to the restaurant, the restaurant had a movie playing in the waiting room on the ocean.

      I watched it, and soon enough, I was in it! I was a scuba diver going down into the deep ocean, although the water was very clear and was kind of like a pool. I heard the narrator say, "My grand daughter Kira has a golden rule while in the ocean, 'don't touch the jellyfish!'" I began sinking, and my foot touched a jellyfish. That's when I realized I was just dreaming.

      I closed my dream eyes and thought about going to my grandma's house. This image began appearing out of contrast, and I further recognized it as my grandma's house! This was great. But, the image then turned into a view of a city, and I noticed that I was flying above it. It looked like I was just looking into a screen, though. I didn't feel any wind, didn't hear any sound, and in fact- I didn't even feel my body. I forgot to try and re clarify the dream enviroment, and I accidentally woke up. Funny thing is, I woke up smiling

      I'm incredibly happy about this. I'm getting better at it! I'll be having full length lucids soon enough!

      (It might also be good to mention that this lucid was back to back with another lucid I had 2 nights ago? )
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      Good job getting a LD. Next time try opening a door to your grandma's house instead of closing and opening your eyes.

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      Well done on having two lucids back to back! And it sounds a lot nicer than my last dream of the ocean (a couple of nights ago I dreamt I was deep in the ocean, being drowned by someone)
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