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      ....beginner? ish

      i heard about lucid dreaming from this girl who lives down the street with me, and she told me that was one of her "interests" and i asked how it works and i thought it would be fun. so a few nights later i was dreaming about my friend comming over and it was at my house. there were no signs except for the sky i think. but i realized i was dreaming and i started changing it from day to night in a split second. just going back and forth with it. like when you brighten up a picture in photoshop* no real source of light, you just see it getting brighter.

      And after i messed with that i put my friend on the roof to go smoke while his girlfriend gave me head. after awhile i went on the roof and smoked a little with my bud and he was tellin me about how good his weed was and we started smoking it in tissue paper*

      anyway, i think this is a lucid dream- lemme know if it is. because someone tole me you had to be awake to lucid dream. kind of like meditation. thanx alot
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      well just as long you realize your dreaming then that means you're lucid in the dream. there are different levels of lucidity i believe and how well you can control the dream

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      Before I learned about lucid dreams I would think that any dream where I had powers was a lucid dream. I think some people make this mistake sometimes.

      Now I only say that I've gone lucid when during the dream I consider myself lucid. Sometimes I have low-level lucidity, where you know you're dreaming but still believe some of the dream.


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