My recall improved drastically, I know I had at least 6 dreams last night, 4 of which I can remember clearly. 1 was a dream, and 3 were FA's, two of which were lucid.

It seems like whenever I get lucid () I HAVE to have an FA. I will not wake up until I FA at least once. Last night I FA'ed 3 times total, each time "waking up" in the same place, and at a different stage in the night. First time I 'woke' it was like I was just going to bed. Second time, like I would if I awoke in the middle of the night. And the third time I was supposed to be actually waking up to real life. So my last night was confusing and went like this :

go to sleep --> dream I can't remember --> wake up at 3:50, check on mom --> WBTB, no other technique --> FA (going to sleep) --> dream "in a dream" --> FA (mid-of-the-nigt wakening) --> dream "in another dream" --> FA ("next morning") --> wake up next morning IRL

So...I am kind of pooped after all of this. But at least I got lucid. And twice!

(And next time I FA I'll actually try to do something other than lie there and try to wake up! )