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      Ok, the dreams have got wierd now.. Any ideas?

      Hi All,

      Some of you may know that I'ma natural Lucid Dreamer.

      I really do need to train myself in controlling these things. I do not have any control of the scenario i am presented, but i am in full control of what i do in them.

      My last two dreams (saturday & sunday night) had some extremely strange events. I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea about it.

      Dream 1:
      The strange aspect of this one was that there was somekind of little green goblin who was trying to be a hinderance to me in a nasty way, but what ever i tried to do i couldnt get rid of it. For instance I tried to squash it like a bug underfoot and it split into two, but one half was now dead, but the other half was just the same as it was before, and this kep happening until i managed to get the last live half into a glass jar where it was then trapped.

      Dream 2:
      From advice given by you all on the forum, i think this envolved my first conscious effort of changing the dream scenario. I was out with a group of friends ( i know one really well, but have never met or seen the others before). We were having some kind of a race to get to a place (dont know where). but to get to the destination we had to go through a hedge maze. Myself and my good friend we ahead of the others and when we got to the maze, I was able to create some gaps in the hedges to get ahead. I convinced my friend to follow me and then closed the holes behind us (more of a patch up job than seemless work) and we continued. unfortunately i woke up before this part concluded.

      oh well, thought i'd share it with you anyway *)

      thanks for listening

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      How long has this been happening?
      If it has only been for a little while, then perhaps you could just wait it out, I go through strange phases in dreaming sometimes, often triggered by outside events in my life (especially work and school).
      If it has been for a long time...no clue...sorry
      (on a side note, have there been any sort of drastic stresses that have become prevalent in your life as of late? I find that stressful situations or periods of anxiety cause my dreams to be a little wierd too.)
      Hope I could help a little

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      Dream control will simply take you a bit of practice. You did get some control in the second dream, which is good. You're on the right track.

      Frustration and stress kills dream control, it happens to all of us. Relax your mind, and try again. Don't give up.


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