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      Wow... just wow :O

      Okay, I won't put my nightmare I 'woke' up to in here, that'd be to much.

      But here it is.

      I 'woke' up from the nightmare, and I told my friend that was over I had the weirdest/pretty scariest dream, but he said he had one to, and he gave me the EXACT same details about my dream. Then I was like, "wow this has to be a dream", but then he got really mad and started attacking me, and I put my blanket over my face, and crunched up. I could feel him pushing against me hard, I was lucid though, my heart was racing. I then 'woke up' again, and he was on the computer. I just sat on the bed, and another one of my friends showed up but I didn't pay attention to that. They were just playing on the computer. Then I finally actually WOKE UP, but it was weird. I didn't know if I was dreaming or not, but I wasn't this time.

      So ya, a lot of chances to lucid but stupid meh :S And the time I was I was freaking out because i was still pretty iffy from the nightmare.

      Btw these dreams started happening around 8-10 after going to sleep at 2 AM. I guess the 6 hour thing got meh

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      Loops of false awakenings, especially with nightmare scenarios, are always relatively scary, but OBE nightmares are absolutely terrifying. Luckily I only have them very scarcely.
      Willing to talk about/listen to anything you have to say.

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      yeah! i've had that happen numerous times before.. it's rather trippy because everything feels like you are actually awake until you are ACTUALLY awake, haha. what's weirder is that last year my dorm-mate & i had the same dream and REALLY woke up and we both recounted our strange dream to eachother and they were the same.. hah.


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