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      Dreaming in a dream

      It happened a few years ago (my first and last lucid dream) i went to sleep normally like every night , at the beggining of my dream i found myself outside , near the building where i live , i remember looking down to my feet and i noticed that i was in my pijamas , i felt kind of embareced cause everyone around was looking at me but i said what the hell afterall i am in a dream , i can do anything i want , i think this was the "trigger thought " that made me realise that i was really dreaming and i can do anything i like to. So i started to do things like trying to fly and so on , after a little while i remebered that there is a girl that i liked very much (in real life) so i decided i will pay her a visit to do you know what wink , after this thought i woke up ( at least i thought i did) , put my hands between the pillow and my head , i looked at my sister i saw that she was sleeping in the bed under the window , i looked out the window while i was still in my bed and i started thinking about the cool dream i had , at this moment i saw in the distance 2 points coming at the building , as the points came closer i realised that actually they were 2 large trucks floating in mid air and coming closer and closer and slamming into the building , after this scare i REALLY woke up and thought about this interesting dream(s) thru the whole night . I also want to mention that way before and after this dream i had countless horrifying sleep paralysis nights.

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      You, my friend, had a bout of False Awakening. It happens a lot after a lucid dream.

      I used to have multiple frightening SP awakenings per night. A year or so of steadily practicing lucid dreaming and dream recall and I very rarely experience the strange SP sensations anymore. Maybe if you pay more attention to sleeping and dreaming the scary SP will dwindle away for you too.


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