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      The Black Cat

      Been having a dry spell for the past few days, so I've been thinking about a lot of my most memorable experiences from the past, and I remembered one that you might find interesting. I don't keep a dream journal (just in my mind; if a dream is cool/vivid I don't forget it), but this is probably one of those experiences I should put in writing. It occurred about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago.
      It was hard to decide where to put it, it was lucid in virtually every way, but because of its brevity and the sense of shock, I never really thought "I'm dreaming". It also has precognitive elements, but I don't necessarily believe in precognition (I find it extremely likely, though), so I thought best not to put it in the "beyond" section.

      So: I go to sleep, and almost instantly wake up standing on my bed. Everything is exactly as it should be, except that my bed is positioned against the door to my room. Everything feels and looks completely real, and I have a sense of control of my movements. The bed pretty much tipped me off, but before I really got that chance to get a handle on the awesome fact that I was LD-ing (such realistic feeling ones are rare for me), I noticed this black blob creature zipping frantically about to and fro on the floor. It ran back and forth about three or fours times, and then jumped up on the bed about one foot from my right side (this is important), then it came over to my right foot, leaned over it, and a then jabbed me with some kind of sharp tooth/stinger . It "hurt", and I woke up.

      Now, the fun part. About a week later, I was out on my front porch in the middle of the night having a cigarette. It was dark, but I heard a "pitter-patter" on the steps, and then see that its a black cat. He starts coming toward me, coming a bit from the right, then, for no apparent reason, frantically bolts back and forth a few times before resuming his trek over to my right foot. It was at this point that the dream flashed into my memory, and when he started sniffing the top of my right foot I reflexively pulled my foot away, afraid to get "stung".

      Its hard to describe in words how perfectly choreographed the cat seemed in relation to the blob, but the angle, the bolting back and forth, everything was just eerily uncanny. Plus, in the dream, my bed and back were to my bedroom door, which are directly at the top of the indoor stairs, which face the front door. So my waking back was facing my dream back in a perfectly straight line, which kind of evoked a "mirror" like sensation.

      What I find a bit unsettling was the cat's behavior. Cats are weird sometimes, but I've never seen a cat do that rapid back and forth thing so arbitrarily. It was like a glitch (Matrix? lol). Precognition I can handle, but that sense that something else was controlling the cat still disturbs me a little.

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      that is Really interesting and i do belive in precognition in dreams because it happens fairly often with me.i wonder what was wrong with the cat???


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