Really they got all those instructions and tutorials on how to recall and control dreams? And so many dreamers...
That's just two days I was searching about this on the internet, and I never imagined I would find all those things.
In fact, I have this, uh...ability to recall dreams since I was a little kid, and... That is so cool.

I even remember one when I was about 12 years old, I dreamt of some nasty race of vampires that would exit from my dreams and go to real world if I wouldn't defeat them (How to defeat them? Well, I jumped off a building, runned miles in seconds, and even met fictional characters such as Sonic The Hedgehog. And... when I woke up, all there was just as safe as before. I'm a hero!)

Some recurring events on my dreams are elevators that could go to a random set of floors (for example, a panel with five buttons could change to six, then four, then whatever number - and it works, even if the building is not so tall from outside). I could even choose between infinite options! Wanna go to the 74625214 floor? Right, just type on a 10-digit panel, like a telephone or computer. Some elevators could go to left or right as well. I don't remember of any diagonally movement, but sometimes I appeared on strange "teleport" floors, like at a phone both on the middle of a snowy place. And some floors are completely "unconnected" from outside of the building, because their habitants never wanted to use that cool transport device - the elevator -, or because for some reason they never could in the first place. So, I was the first outsider in their entire lives. Creepy...

Another common event is... Simply walking in a world completely habited by dead people (and perhaps some beings related to dead people). No, I'm not talking about nightmares with zombies and ghosts ready to take your soul or something, or at least not everytime. On my dreams, dead people are simply... boring, but somewhat bizarre, in sense that they almost never had a memory from when they were alive, and don't look like they could do something new in the "death" world. So they wander around without blinking, and they don't move too much, except for walking, or to... stand still. Some other beings caught my attention, like the crab-like, scorpion-like, snake-like guardians of the souls, and some receptionists who decided where each soul would be. By the way, an old, transparent ghost who were too attached to a library from the 1600s, and still were organizing books and trying to kill intruders like me, really got on my nerves.

I commonly dream of problem-solving as in a very realistic game: Like the one on last year, I have about fifty "friends", or "teammates" that could hide perfectly beneath a castle, and inside this castle there are enemies that want to capture or kill them. Yep, they needed to get out of there as soon as possible, with my help of course.

Some weeks ago I woke up normally, then turned on the computer. And... Realized that was a dream! I was waking up again, then I exited from by bedroom to the kitchen, and to the bathroom... And woke up one more time. At this point, I was aware that was a dream, so I continued my way through a normal waking life, went to the kitchen, got some food... And suddenly I was waking again. That scene was repeated for around five to seven times, and in every one, I just tried to wake normally. Until I wake normally. (and didn't open my eyes, just stayed remembering the experience) Another false awakening ocurred when I was 5 years old, when I wake up I noticed something strange on the roof of that bedroom: there was holes used for people to watch me, so I awakened again...

When I was about 3 to 6 years old, I ever and ever dreamt of a superhero - me - that had powers of flying, superforce, control of people, space, time, and - wow, there was a supervillain with exactly the same powers, and I was the only one that could fight against him. It was not presumably a lucid dream every time, but the omnipotence of that powers just worked as I knew that was a dream.

Aside from that, I never tried to fly very much, but there's never a fall that can't be helped by just floating in the air. And, time travel is possible with some devices, or simply I become used to the fact that if I do something, time will reverse. I could see a building fall some times (yep, my dreams are full of buildings), and a bus passing, and passing again... And again... And I could change, and everything would change in that way. And some stairs or train stations that lead me to other years. And, some transportation devices can lead me to other similar universes.

That's what I remembered for now, thanks for anyone who reads that, and good luck for all of you dreamers.