Since I was very small, I've always dreamed about flying. Now that I'm a skydiver, I dream about it even more. Now, if I remember a dream, it was a lucid one and often they involve flying. Since I've been controlling my dreams for so long, I instantly recoginze them as a playground and go to work making them whatever I want them to be. I have found certain limits though, and I don't know why they happen. When I'm dreaming about skydiving or being able to fly, I go up and up as far as I can, but I always reach this invisible barrier that won't let me go any higher. Usually I can think of anything and make it happen in my dreams, but I've never been able to break this invisible cieling. I don't know if it means anything or if anyone else has had a similar experience. I actually have never spoken to anyone who has ever had a lucid dream before. I would love some feed back on this issue.