My very first "i'm lucid and consious" was a nightmare. It was a really long time ago and i still remember it.
There was like this pool-sweep controller thing and it kept kicking the pool-sweep to make it move. After a while I left, walking through the pool fence. The dog went in the pool and her hair started seriously growing. I jumped in there to make sure she would be okay and pulled her out. Then I ran inside with it. I told my mom about it and she said Well, honey, you see, and then she turned to tell my dad something and I knew that the water had something wrong with it. So then I raced up the hall way to my room and I realized my room was like almost empty. I had been thinking about some candy i had kept in my room and I had left it in-between my bed and my dresser. I told myself not to look at the candy because I knew by then that this was like a nightmare and so I didn’t look and I tried to open my eyes and I made it. I was only awake for about two seconds and then I fell asleep. This was where the order starts switching around. I remember that there was a puzzle in a Cricket magazine. It was a picture of trees and a dark blue background in different shades. I think there was an owl somewhere. This was a puzzle where you had to fill in the blanks in the words. The directions were in the same format as the puzzle, so I gave up. I thought it was one of those things were you unscramble the words. Somewhere in there I was driving a yellow car and I thought it was Simpson Hit and Run So I saw the Simpson characters and Homer looked different. They were in bubbles at the top of the screen. Then for some reason I was on the sidewalk in front of some kind of store. There was an ugly boy next to me and I figured out it was a dream so I almost hit the boy but then I remembered this was a freaky dream so I probably shouldn’t hit him. My arm almost hit him. I asked him Oh sorry, did I hit you and he started biting my arm, like he turned around and jumped on my arm. I woke up for a couple seconds and decided I should get up and take a drink of water to break up the night. The thought lingered however,and when i went back to sleep and I picked up a crystal glass that was decorated and I had a bottle of water next to me. I picked up the glass and thought hey this glass looks like the one my mother uses for tea. Then I remembered I was at summer camp so I turned around and screamed OH NO I MUST HAVE FALLEN ASLEEP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone said Hannah (thats my name) in a warning tone but I threw the bottle of mineral water at them and opened my eyes.
It sounds like i was just thinking of random stuff but it was a fear intensified thing. hard to explain unless you have expierienced.