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      The most interesting conversation indeed

      I dreamed this last night when I tried(and failed) VILD. There were me, my big friend that I do not know in "real" life, beatiful blonde woman and his butler... Right, this is one of the interesting conversations that I have had in dreams(Lucid and Nonlucid alike).Okey, so that Blonde began saying that "Move yourself to the bedroom" or something like that... I was like "You want to have sex with me? Just with how many have you made out already?. Well, that Bitc--- I MEAN da lady said "Many"(Still, in the dream I got a feeling that I was special to her)... "And what happens after this?" I ask...
      "There will be... Procedures..." Then the butler(who was at a bookshelf) says something strange...
      "It has been written to the books, we will see at the court"
      "You don't mean---!? Dang, who would have guessed it... I should have thought that marriage is also juridicial procedure!!! And of course it is written to the books..." My friend slaps me to my back and says"You should get married, boy" Final replic belongs to lady beatiful... Well, she was beatiful, I would have got married anytime she asked... Okey, so she said"Just why did you give the hint"... And she mean't one the butler said. It was pretty lively dream, It ended to... To... Action... I guess you get the point.

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