I have not practiced LDing in a while. I got burnt out way back when. But, I'm thinking about getting back into it.

Last couple of night I have had two experiences. There was some cool things I wanted to mention about them.

In the first dream I was crawling down the street for some reason. When I realized I was dreaming I didn't stand up or do anything really, I just tried to stay relaxed so I didn't wake up. Cool thing though: you know how wet concrete feels when you touch it? It's really gritty and it sticks to you hand? Well it felt EXACTLY like that. I took a look at my hand to see if my hand looked weird, and my fingers were twisted back in an extremely weird way, but I could also see the little bits of rock.

Second dream, I was standing in a bathroom when I realized I was dreaming. I looked in the mirror and saw myself. So, I started goofing around, by flexing in front of the mirror and I was able to significantly change the shape of my body. I started to wake up but I spun myself to get back in, which worked for a moment, but I dont remember what happened past that.

Anyway, I hope those experiences are informative to some of those folks who are still trying to get there.