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      Cool 3 lucid dreams in a row

      for the first time i had 3 lucid dreams in a row last night / this morning
      as usual i try and fail to fly, and they involve money and sex.

      I am walking in a park, I see some kids throwing rocks at an elderly man and woman, I grab a rock and go over to them and threaten them and they run away, I then see one of my best friends and go over to talk to him, I try and make conversation with him but he looks depressed and avoids me, walking on.
      I then get the felling that I'm dreaming, I look at my watch and its quarter to nine, I look away and look back and its completely different and I can make the hands rotate by looking at them and the numbers become jumbled.
      So I realize I'm dreaming and start looking around, everything becomes bright and vivid. I start walking, then running down the road, and try to jump and fly, but each time I only glide and then come back down shortly after, i keep trying but become frustrated.
      I enter a bar I usually go to to buy cigarettes, I ask for a 20 pack and the woman takes the money but opens the cigarettes and grabs some out, her and a man at the bar start smoking them, I ask why she just opened my cigarette pack but she doesn't answer.
      I get frustrated and grab another pack of cigarettes from the bar without her noticing and leave, but when I open the pack it is filled with money.
      at this point I have lost lucidity and become excited that I have money, and count it, its 120 pounds
      I start thinking about what i could spent it on but I wake up.

      I then have a WILD, I am in my room and I get up to use the toilet but its night time and I remember waking up a short time ago and it was morning, I look in the mirror and my reflection is like a picture, I move but it doesn't change, I realize I'm dreaming instantly, but the dream doesn't feel very vivid. I find the whole room quite dull and creepy, and notice I have a wooden floor instead of a carpet,
      I look out the window, and notice that I can put my hand through the glass, I don't like the dream so I spin, and when I stop I'm in bed, and its day time, I believe I'm awake, but the watch reality check proves otherwise, this time everything is bright and vivid, I try and put my hand through he window again but its solid, but I reality check again and this time my watch has changed colour, and I realize I'm defiantly dreaming and start to get exited, I run towards the window and jump through it, flying across my street for a short period, before falling very fast towards the road, then i wake up. (and need to rush to the toilet lol)

      I start to dream again, this time I'm at a friends party in her back garden. Its a sunny day, I am not yet lucid.
      I start talking to a girl I like in real life, and i become lucid half way through the conversation.
      I want to have sex with her in the dream so I try dream control to make her like me and she starts flirting with me,

      somehow we end up in my room even tho we were at the party, but my room looks the way it did a few years ago and the bed is in a different place.
      we both get naked and start having sex, It fells very real and I get exited, but I feel my self waking up just as it begins and the dream fades away and then I find myself awake and very annoyed

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      That last ld of yours is similar to one of my last lucids, except mine is with a school teacher.

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      Seriously .... I DON'T KNOW!!!
      Just becareful during because guys can do 'you know what' while they are asleep.
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