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      Crazy experience

      Well, I've been experimenting with different auto-suggestion to help me with becoming lucid during a dream (i.e. DILD), or to wake up and not move. Last night, however, I was pretty tired, and fell asleep before I could do that much. I ended up in a school, which I have never been, but in my dream, I knew like the back of my hand. I could picture parts of the school where I was going to go in my head before I arrived there (can anybody else do this?). I ran into a person I had never known (and I realized this in the dream, too) I became lucid for 2 seconds and lost it when he started talking to me. I then realized I had dropped my keys, and began intently searching for them. As I was staring at the floor, it just hit me, I was dreaming! The dream suddenly faded, and I forgot I was dreaming, again.

      But then, the weirdest thing happed to me. Instead of waking, I went to the SP phase. But I was completely relaxed! I could hear whispering in my ear, saying "dreaming" over and over. All I could think of was repeating the mantra "lucid dreaming" (I don't know why I thought of that). I could feel heavy vibrations and see HI. I knew I was somewhere between a dream and waking state, so I tried to relax and keep my mind active (I think that is where the mantra may have come from, but it happened automatically, with no thinking on my conscious part). However, I developed a twitch in my leg, and woke completely, but I felt exactly the same way after having my first and second lucid.

      My question is twofold; The one I asked earlier (use a little bit of memory to picture something you want to happen or find) and was that true sp? I really couldn't say where I was, I couldn't feel my body at all, not even any heaviness on my chest (I do sleep on my side, however). If this is really what SP is like, then I have just conquered my fear of SP, and can't wait to practice WILD and DEILD!

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      Congrats on the crazy experience. Here are my answers to your questions:

      Yes, I do that picturing thing quite often in lucid dreams. I'm sure there are more people who can do that.

      You say that you were in the SP phase, but you didn't say if you were able to move at all. Full SP is when you can't move at all. But, you were at least in a partial SP because you felt heavy vibrations and saw HI. SP can feel a bit different from time to time, sometimes you can't really feel your body, and sometimes you can, sometimes you will feel heaviness on your chest, and sometimes not. So, my educated guess is that you were in SP, you were at least in a partial SP, because that's what it feels like when it sets in or fades.

      Go ahead and practice WILD and DEILD.


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