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      My First WILD

      Well heres my first WILD... I think. I've got one question though, how can I be sure it was a wild and not just an LD of wilding?

      Well anyway I've recently totally turned around my sleep pattern to help with study for my exams (as my mind operates better at night) and I had been sleeping ALL day and it was around tea time so I had been sleeping roughly 14 hours (a lot I know, I woke up at 10 hours but I didnt want to get up). But anyway I thought Id try WILDing because I was mostly warm and ready to sleep again although I had to wait trying to sleep for about an hour because my house mate was being noisy. Well I was lying in my bed trying to induce SP and I remember thinking "Im dreaming, Im dreaming, Im dreaming" so if I did fall asleep I might remember that I was actually dreaming. Well after a while I felt a couple jolts like I had heard a noise as I often do when im trying to fall asleep (jumping at the noise if you will) but there was no noise. So then I thought, hmm I wonder if its possible Im asleep but didnt realise it and Im dreaming about getting to sleep. I mean how can I tell if Im dreaming or not if I dont open my eyes? So I opened them a bit and I was still in my room. Well I was a bit sad but then I noticed with one eye that the clothes rack was out (and I remembered it wasnt there because it was closed and if it had been in my room it would have been open). So I kind off tried seeing it with the other eye, the eye of truth. It said there wasnt anything there. Well I have slept with my eyes open before so I tried to induce the other eye to see it there but my dream started fading and I thinking I rolled over in real life, for some reason my dream gained a bit of randomness and a sofa cushion started materializing beside me
      <EDIT> I think the cushion appeared because when I was first trying to WILD I tried inducing SP and then as my mind drifted I tried creating sensation in the images but it didnt work </EDIT> and in an attempt to stay in my dream I touched it with my right hand (the side of the dream) and it felt REAL! Although my hand was sweaty lol. But anyway I kept rubbing it and it kept me in the dream. Then I opened my "real eye" fully and I could see it there too =) So I thought Id do a RC. Tried to put my finger through my hand, well Ive never had a LD since Id heard of this technique and I didnt know what to expect. Well actually I thought Id be able to put my finger through my hand. But I couldnt. I couldnt even get it to the middle of my hand! My right hand was the finger and as I tried to put it through the back of my left, my right hand became heavy and I couldnt lift it to the back of my left. I think for some reason I could feel the real hand because it was warmer and tingly. Thats weird. So I must be dreaming! Well I thought if Im going to have a WILD then I might as well make use of it! So I got out of bed and I could hear one of my house mates down in the kitchen... all of a sudden I wasnt sure if it was a dream... I mean it would be kinda embarrassing to walk around the house in your undies (Which I must tell you I dont EVER sleep in just undies) and be telling everyone your dreaming when your NOT! So I wasnt sure but I thought Id better go to the door anyway or maybe just before it and pull some clothes on. Well as I went for the door the room stretched out to 3x the size it normally is and I knew I was dreaming. Then I looked back to my bed and it looked like someone was still in it (for some reason it was a double) I though oh? thats weird! And then I noticed someone move... it was a guy :S So I started thinking of my GF and trying to transform him into her (cos we always promise to try to dream about each other) and I came up to the bed and it was still a guy... I thought hmm well I think its her anyway so I kissed his/her shoulder and my lips kinda stuck, well actually the didnt even touch I dont think but it was like they were being sucked in and the kiss lasted longer than it should have. Then I looked at the guys face. And it was me. I thought that was a bit weird. But it was still her in my mind and then I kinda became excited and woke up.

      All of that was within an hour because I got a message before falling asleep and after and it had an hours difference on the clock. Actually before that first message I got I had been trying to WILD and kind of had some SP going on but then the message would have kept vibrating and waking me up so I read it and then had to put it on the charger on the other side of my bed (so lots of movement that probably had me wide awake). Oh and one thing I noticed in the dream, everything wasnt crisp and clear like in real life. It was kinda wavey in a verticle wave. Almost like a thick stream of energy distortion that was similar to how heat off a road distorts what you see but this was thicker and although you could see it, it didnt really affect the image you percieved that much. Is that normal in a LD? Ive never noticed it before... any ideas?

      So as I was saying at the start, when I woke up I realised I might have already been asleep and dreaming of trying to WILD... Was it a WILD? Does it sound like a WILD? I think it was but I have been wrong before
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