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      I called someone! finally! =D

      I can't believe the luck I'm having with lucid dreams. I don't use any tactics or tricks whatsoever to LD, I just go to sleep normally and it happens ^^

      Last night I did a couple things I've been really wanting to do. It started with me standing in my room, and I could smell something funny, then I realized I had some sort of pipe/bong thing in my hand and there was ash in the bowl, so I decided to turn that ash into more weed. I don't think I'd have that kind of control if it wasn't for a certain theory about making things happen by expecting it to happen. Maybe I'll get the link later, but anyway, I smoked that, and went out to the living room and talked with my mother a bit. I told her I was dreaming and stuff, but I don't remember much of what she said. After that I went back into my room and suddenly I remembered "hey lets try calling someone!" so I picked up the phone that had suddenly appeared on my bed, and attempted to call my cousin. Strange thing was, I got a big chill when I picked up the phone and my clarity was blurry for a few seconds, but it came back. I failed to dial the right number several times because the buttons were moving around and changing. I got it eventually and called his home number. He told me he was at work =D odd eh? I remember saying "are you awake right now?" and he said yes and I said "I'm dreaming right now" and smirked a little. he wasn't too surprised but seemed interested so we talked a bit more, and then we got cut off because I suddenly moved to a different scene.

      It was a rainy night and I was sitting in the front passenger side of a taxi, with a male driver looking to be in his 30's driving the car. somehow I remembered that I left my money at home so I said "I forgot my money, we need to go back" and he said "awwww what the fuck" in a "ffs!" kinda way. then I remembered I was dreaming so I said "nevermind it's alright". he didn't say anything but we arrived at the destination soon after. I made the money appear in my pocket and gave it to him, leaving the cab. I didn't feel the rain but I wasn't outside for more then 5-10 seconds because there was a building there. looked to be 1 story high, but fairly tall, and there were 2 sets of brown double doors near me. I thought I'd go inside, since this is probably what I came here for, so I went into the left double doors. The inside looked like it used to be an abandoned storage area or something, but it wasn't anymore. to the left of me, sitting on a couch, smoking weed, was snoop dog and dr. dre. note that I had thought about doing this for weeks, and it was about to happen. They looked happy to see me and invited me over, so I sat on the arm of the couch and they gave me a bong,. It's hard to explain what it looked like. I'd draw it but I can't draw worth shit. So I hit it and I got this huge jolt throughout my body for about half a second. it felt like I was being electrocuted. After that I woke up because my dream stability had gone out of the window due to the zap.

      I never got high but I still accomplished something ^^ and yeah I know all my dreams are weird but that's just the way I am.
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