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      Yet Another First Lucid Dream Thread.

      This was a WILD. Here we go:
      I saw my science teachers face as i fell asleep, and then I realized that I was sitting in the science classroom, and I realized that I was dreaming. Here's where the strange stuff starts:
      The lesson ended and everyone rushed out of the classroom, and so I grabbed hold of my freind and told him that I was dreaming. He didn't belive me, so I told him to follow me. At this point, everything was so vivid, I was beginning to wonder if I was lucid or not. After a while, we walked to a corridor with windows, and so, I crushed them with kindof a hadouken move, wich was freaking awsome. Then, I climbed out of one of the broken windows, and just flew out of it. I decided to head for Japan and have a chat with Lucy from Elfen Lied, but for better protection of the dream, I decidied to turn myself into a character I've made up, who is invincible (Pretty useful if you're going to meet with someone who might spontainiously rip you apart. Just then I lost control and woke up.

      Well, I hope to have a longer and more action- packed dream next time, but that's next time.

      Thank you ALL here at dreamviews for helping me with my first lucid dream!

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      Interesting, let's see how long you can stay lucid once you try to kill stuff.

      I have a hard time staying in the dream if I get too physical.


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