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      Door Trick?? And first lucid!!

      Well I had my first clear lucid last night. I was at a movie theatre lobby and was wondering what kind of stuff I could do. I thought of going up to the snack guy and saying, "Do you know that you're only a figment of my imagination conjured up by my subconscious?" but I decided not to. Later I decided to summon a friend with the door trick. So I found a door and pictured my friend behind it, but when I opened the door, well it worked, but she wasn't standing; she was lying flat on the floor face down. I had to pick her up! And yeah, it wasn't like she was dead or anything. And behind her it was all blackness. I used my voice to add to the scene like, "In my house" then we were in my house (which I think was pretty cool ). Anyways, I just wanted to know if that was normal. Is there supposed to be a scene behind the person? And I don't think she was supposed to be lying down cause I didn't imagine it that way.

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      i had my first LD last night so i coulnd't tell you if thats normal or not. congratulations on it though. it's a crazy experience to realize taht you're dreaming. I can't wait for tonight (hopefully I get one).

      BTW, your dreams sounds like a glitchy video game. I love it!


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