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      Talking omg first lucid!

      so(in the dream),I was in a really cool mall with my uncles Ron and Rob(they,re twins)and my uncle Rob was looking in a jewelery store for a wedding ring.
      somehow I lost them and instead in their place were(daa daa daa daa!)
      Jay and Silent Bob. so I walked out into the parking lot with them. there were a lot of weird cars. so silent bob and I (I have no idea where jay went) went to this one car, that had a double decker cab,and a cargo hold like one a semi behind it.some how the glass breaks, and agian, somehow it makes me realize
      that im dreaming. I completely forgot about reinforcing my dream and took off
      flying. my feet were about 5 feet from the ground when i started waking up.
      I tried really hard to salvage the dream, I was spinning around and around, and all I could think was "graveyard".so i was in a cemetary like 2 seconds before I woke up. it was really cool for the 10 seconds it lasted,lol.
      "what do we do now captain?" captains viewing glass swings onto his eye"we die."

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      congratulations! i had my first lucid dream last night! It lasted about 10 seconds too :\ Let's hope for the best.


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