I have begun to attain lucid dreams without trying. usually i wake up at 630 am and go to football workouts for about 2 hours. Afterwards i return to bed.

Today i had 100% lucidity through multiple false awakenings an a few real awakenings. Here's what i did!

I teleported to places i have been before. While at first distorted, i just closed my eyes and thought of how they really are and they become closer and closer to the real deal.

I tried to fly, but was only able to jump about 30 feet in the air. I also Tested out some TK, i threw a box with my mind! (TK is my favorite part of any dream)

I had a home base, where i returned through a false awakening when i wanted to.

Finally noticed how digital clocks change no matter how hard you try to make them stay the same.

I can't wait to do this again!