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      Talking Lucid dream about having Hancock like powers

      I got lucid last night and wanted to have the powers of Hancock in the movie, so i started flying at what seemed like 500km/h, my vision got a bit blury of the fastness and building crossed so fast i coud barely see them. Then there was this building right in front of me but i was goin to fast to avoid it and hitted the top i was like 2 meters from dodging it, it hurted a bit when i hitted it. After hitting it i decided to let myself fall for 300m. Then right before hitting the ground i started flying again in 1 second i goed from 0km/h to like 150km/h+. People were all angry cos when i started flying again it gave this huge telekinetic energy blast and everything below me flew around or got crushed if it was exacly below me. Then i landed and i wanted to make this building right next to me collapse with punching it, wich didnt work. The punching only hurt like hell, and this guy standing in front of me told me to forget it and i shoud start fly again cos destroying things arent even as fun as flying he said wich he was right about, so i did. It was realy awesome, the speed was insane, i coud fly how and as fast i wanted. I never succeeded in this kind of flying before, it was realy AWESOME!!! I coud cross whole the city wich seemed like New York from 1 side to the other in just a couple of seconds. Then the whole scene changed and i wasnt lucid anymore

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      i like the feeling of sudden excelleration
      like someone shoves a rocket up your backside and off you go!!!!!!!!!!


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