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      An SP Story... (short)

      I've had SP tons of times in my life (and hated every one of them until I found this forum today). Just recently, about the past 4 years, it has decreased dramatically.

      About 15 years or so ago, I learned a trick to get out of SP. As most of you know, when you're having SP you can hear everything going on around you. Conversations, the TV, the radio, etc, but you can't move. SP has always scared the crap out of me, so I would always try to stop it. One day, I was taking a nap at my boyfriend's house. I began having SP and tried to scream, move, etc. to wake up; of course it didn't work. But there was one thing I could do! Breathe! So I began breathing really, REALLY irratically. I would breathe in really deeply, then let out my breath in short bursts, then breathe in short bursts, and let out deeply. It woke him up, and he woke me up!

      My hubby now is a really deep sleeper, plus we sleep with two fans running, so it would never work now. I don't want it to work now... I'm excited to go to sleep tonight!
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