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      Talking WoW made it through and controlled SP, turned into a WILD and had a short but sweet LD!

      Ok so I can finally share my experience.....had a long day at the office and then went out to eat and I'm finally home (ofcourse I've been reminiscing about my LD all day

      So I wasn't trying to lucid or WILD or anything (although it's always on my mind) but I was woken up by my dog vomiting at 5 in the morning, got up, cleaned up the mess, let him out and then crawled back into bed (about 5:20 now)

      Soon after, I awoke in a SP spell (FYI, I've been experiencing SP naturally for 5 years now and just recently learned that I can control it) so my gut reaction was to be scared and get out of it, it was intense I couldn't move and felt like I couldn't breath, all I wanted to do was wake up. I yelled for my boyfriend (next to me) to wake me up over and over. Finally I woke both of us up by me yelling "...... ME UP!" which is all that came out I guess. Once I realized what had happend i said to myself "it's ok, you can control this" So i closed my eyes again and immediatley the numbess came over me, I couldn't move but I didn't fight it, mychest felt tight and soon I heard whispers (i had never heard voices before) then I guess I was trying to lift my dream self out of my physical self because I thought I rolled off my bed and then I thought I somersaulted around my bed (really I was paralyzed and it was all in my head) then I thought "I need light so I can see my dream" right after that I found myself walking down a lited hallway and BOOM I was in the dream. It was awesome, I took off from the ground right away and flew down the stairs of the random house I was in and out the door. When I got outside the first thing I saw was a platform flying by me with a cat, a dog and mini-wolves riding on it. I said hi to them and continued flying. I rried doing a fireball out of my hand and tried to make some one appear, but then I was pulled out as my alarm went off at 6:30

      I woke up groggy but excited. I love this site, it gives me great tips and in just the short month and a half that I've been a member I've had 5 amazing lucids and have advanced more and more in each one!!

      Thanks for reading, sorry it was soo long but I know only you all understand!!!

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      Very Cool. Congratulations.

      I've found the experience of Lucid Dreaming is about the same once your in it.

      But WILDING and crossing the threshold consciously is way cool.
      Even cooler is the False Awakening. Experience what feels like your humdrum normal life alongside something fantastic.

      I had an experience where I pushed on my bedroom wall, it fell away, and I was looking down at the sea and islands as If I was in an airplane about to skydive. So I DID. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

      Anyway, enough about me.
      Really well done. Keep it up.
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      Congrats man. My first WILD was accidental too kind of. This was along time ago but I woke up right after a dream like 4-5 hours after sleeping and was groggy and all that. My head felt like it was throbbing and that I was really tired and wanted to go to bed. Eventually when I fell asleep made the WILD transition almost effortlessly; I remember at the time it felt like it was doing it all itself even though now I gotta put effort in. But ya my first one was accidental (WILD anyways).
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      Congrats, you must be really psyched to have another LD. I haven't had my first one yet far as I recall, but, can't wait


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