Hello all - new guy here.

I'm admittedly rather uneducated as to the different types/aspects of lucid dreaming, so I'll just detail my experiences as best as I can, and hopefully you guys can help me out.

Over the past few years, I've periodically - say, once or twice every couple of months - had what I believed to be lucid dreams, and each experience was very similar to the previous one. For the most part, they have all played out like this:

I'm lying in my bed, and almost immediately after falling asleep, I snap into the "dream" state, but am inexplicably aware of it. My dream surroundings (i.e., my bedroom) are identical to their waking life counterparts - however, I have no trouble with visualizing the environment in the dream, despite the absence of light. It's at this point that I decide to try performing actions - attempting to float/fly, of course - and that's where the real weirdness occurs. From the moment I lift myself out of the bed, I begin to experience a severe sensation of falling, regardless of which direction I'm moving in the dream - so much to the point that it feels like I'm actually exerting myself and fighting to keep myself from waking up. In fact, I've never been able to remain in these dream states for more than a few minutes, and in every single instance upon waking, I feel a very real tingling/numbing sensation throughout my entire body that lasts for as long as I remain motionless in my bed.

Is this typical of lucid dreams, and if not, can anyone offer any insight as to just what is going on? I'd greatly appreciate the help.