I went to bed at 11:00 and tossed and turned in my bed till 3:30. This was not a fun tossing a turning because I had run 8mi earlier that day and was incredibly sore.

So I was out on the water in a boat with my family in what seemed like the Grand Canyon. Then something floated across the sky and I thought to myself, "Hmm, That can't be right." Next, I looked down and rubbed my hands together, and wouldn't ya know it? I was dreaming.

I didn't really like where I was, so I decided to fly away, I ran out on top of the water and jumped, jumped again, didn't work... Then I yelled "Delete Scene", Things got fuzzy, but then went back to normal. Perhaps this is not an appropriate command? Or you can't fly off on top of water?

I decided to stick with the dream. I got back on the boat and we drove it to a nearby hospital. We ran around and around inside of the hospital. At one point I attempted to stop and try to take it all in. I got partial with this as I saw the corner of a hallway, the walls were brownish red with a white column sticking out. There was also a guy with his arms crossed. About 6' or so, with a white coat, probably a doctor, he had dirty blond hair and not such a nice look on his face.

I gave up running around with my family and some how found a bag of meds in my hands. I walked across a room and the TV show Naruto caught my eye. I decided to go sit down next to the tv on a leather couch, "catch my breath" and see what meds I had in the bag when my dream came to an end and I woke up.

Point of the story, keep up the reality checks. Do one now!